Why Should You Be Interested in Your Chakras

We human beings and all living things are made up of energy and vibration. Chakras are the places in your body that energy gathers depending on different aspects of your life and your being. 

Just like everything in the world is changing every moment, and nothing stays the same, the energy inside of our body is moving all the time.  So healthy chakras are vibrant with energy movement, and you will feel full of vitality. 

But when we hold our past painful memories, stories, emotions, and even stress and tensions associated with those experiences, energy may become stagnant and create blockages in our chakras. 

The condition of your chakras will impact the well-being of your body, mind, spirit – your whole life. 

What are the 3 Types of Chakras? 

There are 7 chakras and I will talk about them in more detail later, but today I want to simplify and divide the chakra types into three: Lower Chakras, Middle Chakras, and Upper Chakras. 

Lower Chakras (1-3) support your physical health. When the lower 3 chakras are active, the circulation inside of your body is achieved and you will feel healthy.  You can feel confident, energized, and have the will to move forward in life. 

Middle Chakras (4-5) support your emotional health. When your middle chakras are healthy, you are able to go beyond attachment love which is limited and fluctuating, and able to share unconditional love. You can be more understanding and accepting of people including yourself. It is the completion of Self Love and you will be able to share the love you feel with other people without calculation. It is the expression of the Soul’s Love. 

Upper Chakras (6-7) support your spiritual health. When your upper chakras are open and active, you become intuitive, creative, and decisive as you know exactly where you are heading to. Your life will be guided by the bright divine consciousness within you, which is one with universal energy and universal awareness. 

You cannot expect the well-being of just one chakra by themselves. Your wellness is gained by building each chakra and balancing them altogether through activation and integrations.

What You Can Do to Open Chakras

In SunDo, our ancient body and mind energy practice, we focus on building our chakras through meridian exercises (Mago Mindfulness Classes), vibration exercises, awareness practice, and sincerity meditations. The purpose of this training is to connect your Soul and Divinity within you through inviting cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness. 

In order to make the principles and practices be actualized into your daily life, I lead 21-day training sessions and meditations from time to time to help awaken the spirit through body and mind practices.  I will be holding the next one starting January 16th, 2022. If you are interested, please contact us at info@sedonamagoretreat.org and we will provide you with more detailed information.  

In the meantime, enjoy this video for chakra cleansing through energy movement:


I love you!


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