Set Goals That You Can Stick With

As you begin the new year 2022, I am sure you’ve already had some time to think about your goals for this year.  It’s a very important time as it dictates the direction and destination as well as sets the tone for the whole year.  

While you are setting goals, there are a few things that you can consider in order for you to stick with your goals and to achieve them. 

Empty Yourself

Just in case you have not done so yet, let’s start the year by releasing the burdens which you may be carrying from previous years. We often carry in our body and brain our past stories of being hurt physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You want to make sure that you let go and release what prevents you from being the best version of yourself. I held a sound healing ceremony that can help you to let go of the burdens we keep inside to prepare for the new year. You may want to check it out here.

Be Excited and Think Outside of the Box

Sometimes making New Year’s Resolutions may feel like a cliche because year after year, we make the same resolutions that don’t last. Due to the repeated usage of the same synopsis in our brains, we continue in the habitual patterns of thought and make goals in that state, even if it’s not working or not really exciting. We may be ready for the new challenge and new life, but we may choose goals out of habit. When you choose your goals, I recommend going someplace that you don’t usually spend time, refresh your brain, and meditate on the goals that make you excited, happy, and your heart skip a beat. 

Be Honest with Your Pain Points

In order to set the best goals for you, you want to be willing to honestly take a look at what was painful and challenging for you last year. Take time to reflect on what was difficult and was an issue for you, and what actions you were taking that limited you.  From that, you can set the goals that are focused on the upgraded version of you that creates the solutions to those previous problems. 

And lastly but most importantly….

Know Your Purpose – Be in Touch with Your True Self

What is most crucial is to align your goal with your purpose.  Ask this question to your heart, “what is truly important to me?” It is not the answer that comes from ego but from your true self. That will bring out the purpose of your life.  For example, your answer could be “what is important for me is to share love with my children.”  Then you can create a goal such as, “I lose 10 lb so I can be active and still have the energy to play with my children every day.”  I am sure you will not easily give up on this goal even if you face some challenges, as it is related to what is truly important to you.  I have talked about this topic on my YouTube channel before. If you are interested you can watch it below:


My sincere wish for you is to have the greatest year of your life in 2022!

Many blessings!

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