How Do We Harmoniously Co-Create With Nature

When we think about co-creation we are referring to creating a “respectful” relationship with another party. Both parties are working together and both sides are considering what they can offer to the other party in order to create something bigger than themselves. 

Both parties tend to be in a state of flow together in which they are considering how can they be beneficial to the other rather than simply considering how they can take from the other. 

This definition of co-creation can be applied between humanity and the Earth. Nature already gives value and provides value to humanity, as it sustains our ability to live. As humans, it is up to us to give back to Nature and work in harmony with it to create a world of peace and balance. In order to co-create we need to think, about how we can be constructive and respectful of Nature, rather than be destructive and take from it what we can get. 

It begins with our awakening

We cannot effectively co-create with Nature unless we awaken to our own oneness. Currently, the majority of the collective believes that they are individuals living separately with only the ties of familial, nationalistic, race, and other external value systems connecting them; and it shows. We are currently living with wars, climate change, hate crimes, etc. The more separated we think we are, the more separated we think we are from Nature. 

The more we awaken to the truth of who we are, our love, and the oneness between our mind, body, and spirit; the more we start to see the connectedness between others and the Earth. 

We start to shift our consciousness to Earth’s consciousness, seeing the bigger picture rather than concentrating on individualistic or egotistical pursuits. Our desires align with Nature’s desires: to simply create more flow, harmony, and balance within ourselves and others. We then see the connection between our internal world with our external. What is reflected externally, is a reflection of our internal. 

Therefore, the more respect and love we have for ourselves, the more respect and love we can have for Nature, and we can act together, in harmonious existence. 

Earth is the center value

Earth is the highest value for human beings. It is our home and it naturally serves us. In order to co-create we need to understand that Earth is essentially already respecting human beings in our relationship with it.  But as humans, we must realize that we must do the work to respect it by living harmoniously on Earth and doing what we can to preserve its health. 

When we see Earth as the center value we consider each and every day what we can do as humans to give back and share more with the Earth. The more we share and give to the Earth, the more it can give to us. The more positive energy we offer to the Earth, the more positive abundance we receive. If we operate from a smaller heart, we do not receive as much and that is essentially what is happening now. 

The majority is acting in disharmony to Earth, and their values align more with their egos. Given as much, Earth is driven to more disease, and disastrous events and parts of the Earth are becoming extinct. When we shift our value system to put Earth first, we will see the changes in our planet, and we will be able to create more harmonious, healthy relationships with other human beings as well. 

Law of Harmony

We can apply the law of harmony to the idea of co-creating with Nature. The law of harmony in the Sun Tao principle says that there is self-preservation or rotation, and there is revolution, attending to others’ needs. The Earth spins and revolves around the sun creating a balance with its own goal to rotate around the Sun for self-preservation and the connection between its shared greater goal, the revolution process by which the Sun and Earth work together to preserve life. Rotation or the Earth’s individual goal cannot come first at the expense of the shared goal, revolution. Therefore, If we think of the relationship between two people, one person cannot think of their own goals ahead of the other consistently, otherwise, this will lead to self-destruction. 

This is the world we have today, where we are constantly thinking of only our own needs, and not in relation to the needs of Earth and the collective.

 It is important to note that you cannot constantly and consistently think of the collective good without considering yourself, otherwise it could lead you to burnout.  If you only consider other people’s needs all the time you will be in disharmony similar to if you only considered your own needs. Therefore, self-care, self-love, and balancing your own needs with the needs of others are important. In order to be beneficial to the whole you have to be whole yourself, and you can only do that by creating harmony within yourself first. 

Co-creating with awareness

Co-creating cannot be done without some level of awareness. Often when people refer to co-creating they are talking about creating with someone else and it is not so clear whether they are considering if what they are creating is constructive or destructive to the collective at large. 

In order to co-create with awareness, we can always ask ourselves if what we wish to create will be beneficial to ourselves, our communities, and the planet. If our goal is to create with a higher level of consciousness, with Earth as the center value, considering the Law of Harmony, we can heal all parties and create a better world for us all. 

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