3 keys to Building Self Awareness

The most important thing you can develop for your spiritual growth is to become conscious instead of reactive. The good news is that you can be in touch with the emotions, thoughts, and habits that are controlling your life with enough self-awareness.

In our practice, we say that Tao is the ability to see the truth as it is. When your emotional feelings and thoughts take over your actions, can you really see what’s happening around you? No, it’s harder to see what is truly happening when your emotions consume you. This is because your beliefs and emotions create a lot of intensity, causing you to lose the ability to observe what is going on within you and around you.

With self-awareness and meditation, you can finally awaken to the truth. But, you need to understand that meditation isn’t simply the act of closing your eyes and doing a yoga position.

Meditation is the act of observing what is going on within and around you.

So, in this blog, I will share a body, mind, and energy meditation technique that will help you journey within yourself. But first, let me talk about the relationship between the body and mind.

The Relationship Between the Body and Mind

When I do private sessions and workshops, I meet many individuals who numb themselves physically and emotionally because they don’t want to feel pain. If we are not aware, this is a natural reaction because nobody likes being hurt. But, would you rather be oblivious to your pain than be conscious of what is going on within yourself?

When you are numbing yourself, you might be unintentionally using work or travel as a distraction from pain. I have also noticed that other people may use vices like binge eating, drinking, and drugs to numb their emotions. These things may be familiar to you. And perhaps, you’ve used one or two of them so that you don’t have to pay attention to your inner issues. But, for you to increase your self-awareness, you have to feel. You need to understand that pain exists so you can figure out what is going on within yourself.

Your body exists to help your soul and spirit. And your spiritual being resides in your physical body so you can live on this planet earth and experience something that will awaken you to who you truly are.

How about your mind? Where is your mind most of the time? Is it always in line with your body, or is it somewhere else – worrying about the future or regretting something in the past? Most of the time, your mind is not in the present moment with your body. When this happens, it is difficult to become aware of what is occurring within and around you. If you don’t know how to keep your mind in the present moment, naturally it will go everywhere like a balloon floating aimlessly in the air.

The realm of the mind is limitless. In your mind (invisible level), you can create many things infinitely. But on the other hand, the body is already made; it’s fixed. You cannot just change it right away, but the mind is boundless. If you want to begin creating changes in your life, you want to first bring your mind into your body. So how can you get the infinite power of creation into the present moment, change your body and change your life?

You have to think about something that’s always moving and changing. This is energy. Feeling the energy inside you calms down your mind and body. And because your body is the mind’s home. You want to align both of them in the present moment to improve your awareness. When your energy is circulating in your body fully, your mind becomes clear, and have an opportunity for infinite creation.

3 Keys to Building Self-Awareness

With this 3-part guided meditation, you can help awaken your energy sensitivity so that you can train your mind to do what it’s meant to do and create a life of consciousness.  Those are as follows:

Part 1. Self-Awareness by Sensitizing the Body

To perform this meditation, first, stimulate the body. You will begin to experience the “present moment,” as your mind returns home to your body.

Part 2. Self-Awareness for the Mind

In this step, you can close your physical eye, but open your inner eye to bring your attention inwards. You will feel the sense of peace and tranquility, and see what is happening with your body, your breath, and your mind.

Part 3. Self-Awareness through Communicating With the Body 

Now, love yourself by bringing attention and care to the body parts that need healing. Your body has been wanting to communicate with you.  You can put your hands there and send your loving energy with appreciation. You will become aware of your body more as well as experiencing love and healing for yourself on a deeper level.


When you continue training your mind and body through this meditation, you will be able to observe your emotions and thoughts and finally become aware of what’s happening within and around you. You can also head to my channel, Meditation with Ilchibuko, to find content similar to this blog.


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