Water Up Fire Down

Health as a Natural State of Our Being

When we talk about health, what may immediately come to your mind is an image of a person working out in the gym, eating healthy, drinking a healthy drink, running, or jogging. 

Although it is great to be making an effort to work out and exercise. I would like to suggest that Health is a natural state of your being and existence

More precisely, health and vitality are the natural states of our existence; that means that naturally, as we exist, we are meant to live a healthy way. We are meant to be part of the whole flow of balance and harmony with nature and all living things. 

Around nature, around us, and within us, there’s harmonious balance inside. When we recover the harmonious balance within us, we can recover our health and vitality. To regain vitality, you don’t need a Red Bull or an Energy Drink to regain the vitality inside of you. We can pay attention inside of ourselves and uncover this vitality, or life’s force energy, so complete health can be recovered. 

Circulate Qi Energy Inside

When we move and circulate this Qi energy inside of us and recover the life energy and vitality existing inside of us, this can also be referred to as the state called Water Up Fire Down. 

You may have seen this symbol. In this symbol, you can see that there is a circle and then there is a white area, and inside of the white area there is a black dot, and in the black area, there is a white dot. Inside of this light, there is this darkness, and in the darkness, there exists the light. And both light and dark are flowing harmoniously and creating balance. 

This is also happening within our bodies. There are, what we call, the five elements of nature: water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. These elements of nature exist inside of our body and different organs are associated with these elements of nature. 

The kidneys are associated with water energy and the heart is associated with fire energy when the water and the fire energy flow harmoniously in the directions that are supposed to move to create the energy balance in your body, then we can recover our health. 

In the above image, you can see that the fire energy comes down from the sun, in the ocean, the water is evaporated and the water vapor goes up and turns into rain. This rain feeds our plants and trees so the tree grows and creates fruit. Then the seeds from the fruit fall to the ground and then there is the circulation of life’s creation. 

Inside of our body, it’s the same thing. In this picture of our body, you can also see water up, fire down energy circulation. You can see that the kidneys hold and carry water energy, if the water stays down in the kidneys, that is not a healthy condition for them. But through proper exercises and movement, the water energy can go along the spine, through the governor meridian channel, to the top of your head, then comes down and ends at the roof of your mouth.

In the chest, your heart carries fire energy and this fire energy can be pushed downwards along the conception meridian channel as the cool energy or water energy comes up to your head. What happens is that fire energy will go down to your abdomen and will create the best condition so the fire energy will push the water energy up along the spine again. The circulation is continuous and repeats in this way. 

When Energy Moves in Reverse

You may wonder and think that usually water goes down and fire flames usually go up? This is true but it leads to entropy which means the fire is going to stay up and water is going to stay down. You can imagine a room when you are away for two weeks on vacation in the summertime. When you come back home and open the door, you may feel stagnant hot air inside of the room. Is the air circulating or not? No. Where is the hot air? Is it up? Or is it down? It is up. And the cool air, is it up or is it down? It’s down. Because of this, there is no movement of air inside of your room. So you may have to turn on the fan to bring the cool air up. Then what happens? You have air continuously circulating to balance the hot and cool air. We can create this balanced state inside of our body too. 

If you can create continuous circulation and energy flow through the Water Up Fire Down process I described above, you can recover your overall health. As you warm up your abdomen area and vital energy gathers inside, you can be more grounded, share the vital energy and love with other people. While that is happening, your mental condition becomes clear and your heart opens as well. 

If you’re staying and sitting in front of the computer and don’t move for a couple of hours and you have also been thinking about a project, is your head hot or cold? Probably hot. While you are in that state, can you think of these great ideas or not? It is probably difficult to come up with great ideas. You can visualize a person whose hands and feet are cold with no circulation. The abdomen may get stiff, it may be cold and this cold energy can create difficulties and challenges in health. 

If the energy is stagnant and stuck inside of the abdomen, it will affect and impact your emotional state too. 95 percent of serotonin, the happy hormone, is created inside of the abdomen. 50 percent of dopamine, a joy chemical, is also created inside of the abdomen. When you have a stomach ache or tightness, you may be irritable along with fire in your head, you may have a short temper. With the energy stagnant and not circulating well, along with the hot energy up and the cool energy down, there is no movement or circulation. 

2 Actions to Help Recover Your Energy Circulation

We want to create energy movement and circulation continuously in your body. It is very important for you to be practicing and creating the Water Up Fire Down condition through exercises, awareness, and breathing. I would like to recommend two simple steps to help you recover your energy circulation.

  1. Self-Healing Energy Meditation


  1. Ongoing Practice and Training

 I would also like to recommend mindfulness movement and QiGong practice. Click the titles below to learn more:

Mindfulness Movement Classes: Through mindfulness movement you will experience the opening of your meridian energy channels in your body by bringing your mind to the present moment, recovering your energy circulation, and focusing on your breath.

QiGong 6-Week Course: By practicing Healing Qigong, you can harmonize, strengthen and circulate your energy to release these blockages, and heal your body. 

Our health and vitality are the natural states of our being.

To recover the healthy state of your physical, emotional, mental being, you can first circulate the energy inside of you.


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