Connect to the Soul of the Earth

April is earth month and we want to connect to mother nature and the earth.

Before I go into detail about the topic of connection to Mother Earth, what do you think connecting to Mother Earth means?

What we see in the world right now, on this planet earth, is that we live on this planet earth as if we are separate from her. We live on Earth by using Mother Earth’s resources as if we own them, possess them, or even conquer them. The way we utilize other Earth’s resources is as if we exist completely separate from her.

The issues that we see in the world, like pollution, are because of our state of consciousness. Our consciousness says as human beings living on this earth that this earth is something to be used and acquired for our benefit. For example, businesses or corporations and others that use her resources without mindfulness. So the result is what we see happening right now.

You can see the plastic floating on the ocean and we have heard that possibly in five years or so; if we continue at this rate of production of plastic for our convenience, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

The issue that we see in the world, actually not only environmental circumstances but also within us. We feel lonely, disconnected, or depressed; which is increasing a lot, and it will continue to increase because we have this separated consciousness. We are separated from other human beings, and we are separated from the earth. That is why the topic for this month is Connection to the Soul of Mother Earth.

3 Illusions We Live By

There are some illusions that we live by, in which we, human beings, create more challenges on the Earth.

The First Illusion

One is that we take things personally, meaning that when something happens around us  – we feel it’s happening to us. The environment, circumstances, the situation, or people around you, sometimes feels that they are doing something to you. They are just happening. It’s not happening to you. The tornado, the thunder, and all of the natural conditions that are happening, it’s not something happening to you – it is just happening.

When you think that it’s something happening to you, you begin to believe that other people or circumstances are intentionally hurting you. Then you develop negative thought patterns that divide you from others and begin to judge and have a preference against others.

The Second Illusion

The second illusion is that you and the Earth, you and other people are separate. You may feel like only the people whom you love are connected to you, but the reality is we are all one and connected to each other. We learned this with COVID, it spread everywhere and to anyone, even if you were far apart.  It didn’t matter whether you were white or black, or Asian, or which country you lived in, or which job you had, or what type of things you did, whether you’re considered good or bad, it didn’t matter. COVID spread everywhere despite your value system or your differences.

We learned that we are all one and connected, we are not separate. We can no longer say it is other people’s problem or other countries’ problem. We can also see that we are all connected by looking at where our food goes after we eat.  You eat food from the earth and the Earth becomes a part of you. Then after a couple of hours, you excrete and return a part of you to the Earth.  You even share air with strangers.

If we can realize this, we can take responsibility for what is happening around us. What we see around us is what we created. It is not what others created. If you realize that you can begin to say “It’s not other people’s problems, it’s actually what I made.”  Then we can transform the world as we truly wish and create a better place to live.

The Third Illusion

The third illusion is that we live as though we are the ones that are in control of everything. In terms of how the universe is working, how everything is flowing, how our body system is working, they are not up to us. We are not the ones controlling Life. We are living in accordance with the principles of nature and the universe.

We say “My” life. But do you own life? Have you tried to stop your breath? It would be hard. Are you telling your brain when to breathe in and out? Can you control your life to live forever? It is not up to you. Breathing is happening without you telling your body to breathe, your body is already harmoniously and automatically working to keep you alive. We have been given the ability to create, invent, and innovate. We are developing new technologies and creating conveniences and more comfort for human beings. And yes, granted, we truly appreciate the advancement of technology, but there’s something missing in that.

Unless we are awakened to the fact that we are all one and connected to the whole, unless we are awakened to the fact that we’re not the ones controlling life, we will create things that are harmful to other people, our neighbors, companies, and even the Earth.  Unless we understand the law and the principle of the universe, we will create destruction and dis-harmony on this earth.

Everything’s Connected

At Sedona Mago we share about this natural law, that we are all one and connected and related, that we are not alone and are impacting each other always, that what we do, what we think, and even what we say in the consciousness state; emotional state, and what we carry, everything impacts the people around us, and even beyond. It doesn’t have to be in a physical space.

What we think about and what we create at the energetic level, the spiritual level, and the informational level, impacts people on the other side of the world. For us to create the peace that we really want or the love that we want to share with the world or people around us are not done by creating things through limitless technology, or from our emotions to satisfy our desires or the needs of our company. We need to be able to take the concept of what we live by, take that, and then see what is really, really happening.

Even the concept of loving Mother Earth, what does that really mean? The world that we hope for will not be created by just doing small things here and there, like some recycling, without awakening, changing our consciousness, and changing our actual actions – how we live our lives.

That small action can be helpful in the short term. The world that we hope for will not be created unless we recover the essence of our existence, who we are, and how we are related to each other, other human beings, and the earth,  and live according to the law of nature and the law of the universe.

What Does Loving the Earth Really Mean?

It is really important to recover our true essence and our connection to people and nature around us. So, what does loving the Earth mean?

Loving the Earth means that you recover that balance within yourself and become aware of what is really happening inside of you. What kind of thoughts do you carry? What kind of emotions do you carry? How are they impacting you and others around you? Do you know if you are creating balance in your body, mind, and spirit? You create an imbalance in your body if you are just eating and not moving your body. Or you create an imbalance in your emotions if you hold onto your past pain and don’t release it. Or you create endless thoughts inside of your brain if you didn’t know how to release them.

We live on this planet Earth as if having more is better, so companies are producing more. It is almost like we are continuously breathing in without breathing out. We are buying and accumulating more and more things for our homes, it is like we are continuously breathing in. How many things are in your home right now that you don’t use? We buy more and have more than we can ever use. That’s the reality that we live in now. 

Recover Balance Within

So, the first is to recover balance within you. That means to be able to have eyes to observe and then see what’s going on through your awareness practice or mindfulness practice. The system we use is the ancient wisdom practice of Sun Tao. In our practice we focus on the energy centers inside of our bodies, these are divided into three major centers: a lower, a middle, and an upper energy center.

At the lower energy center, we can strengthen or recover harmony and balance by eating well and breathing well. We say that this is the place where we accumulate energy, this is where earth’s energy and heaven’s energy meet and gather. This lower energy center can be recovered by making sure to eat well and also to breathe well. Through that we can begin to recover our whole-body health, meaning whole physical body health, you will begin to circulate energy well inside of your body. This lower energy center is where you can turn the physical matter into energy through heat and burning, to produce the energy inside of you.

At the middle energy center, you recover your true nature. Your true nature or true self is awakened through the communication with the energy that is expanding within you, and the communication with that energy all around you, and then the middle energy center is being awakened. So with that, you can mature the energy being inside of you.

Then there is the upper energy center which is the consciousness part of the spirit part. When you have your true nature awakened, you can awaken that bright consciousness.

Guided Meditation by Ilchibuko


As your consciousness brightens, you can begin to love the earth and know what it means to love the earth. With that bright consciousness, you can connect to “the consciousness of Mother Earth.”

When Mother Earth and your consciousness become one, you’ll be able to really know what it means to love Mother Earth.


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