More than Knowledge, Practice Virtue

When we think about creating our value as a person, gaining knowledge automatically goes through our minds. After all, we’ve all spent most of our lives studying. How many years of schooling do we have? What did our educational institutions teach us? They taught us to gain more knowledge so that we can be valued when we apply for jobs. If we become smarter through expanding our knowledge, we are considered excellent human beings. But can we consider that’s true?⁠⁠

No matter how many scientists and awardees receive the Nobel Peace Prize each year, the fundamental problems among humans and the problems in the world will remain unsolved. Crimes, wars, and environmental issues will still exist. In fact, they are even becoming more prevalent today. So, what should we do to resolve these issues?⁠⁠

The solution doesn’t come from having more knowledgeable people, because if they don’t have the right character, they can continue to create things that are harmful to the people and the earth.

The solution is to recover the truest human character by focusing on being honest, sincere, and responsible.

  1. Energy Meditation

By doing so, we will practice living a life where we love and respect one another, recover balance and harmonious relationships, and will be beneficial to humanity, all lives, and the planet.⁠ I recommend setting aside 5-10 min in the morning and evening to do energy meditation.


  1. 21-Day Morning Meditation

Energy meditation can help you to get in touch with your true essence and to recover your truest human character. You can consider this healing energy meditation for 21 days:


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