The Art of Letting Go

In this blog, I will share with you why letting go is important, what the difference between attachment and true love is, and how to do letting go meditation.

Why Letting Go is Important

At some point in time, or maybe right now, you may have felt that you are a little bit stuck in life or have something you are holding onto and cannot let go of. When you hold onto things, they may manifest in your physical body. For instance, when you hold in your bowels, you will get constipated.

Just as you know releasing your digested food is important, it is the same for releasing emotions. If you are feeling pain from your emotional experiences, you should allow things to move. But letting go is not as easy as it sounds; you may feel like you are losing something valuable, or during the process, you might feel insecure.

You Are Enough

Over time, we have forgotten that we are already enough. We are living with an abundant flow of energy, and we are one with that energy source. Many of us now live believing that we are separated from everybody else in the world. But that could not be further from the truth.

You may be wondering how that makes sense. But the absolute truth about us is that we are energy, and energy flows everywhere and all the time. You cannot separate yourself from the whole. You may be living your life unaware that you are connected to everything and that is why you feel lonely.  And because you are lonely, you keep holding onto things and always want to gain further. But even if you get more things, you still feel alone. That person asks “How can I get more to fulfill myself?” Focusing on what is lacking can separate you from the whole even more.

Instead, one can stop and ask “Why am I not being fulfilled even though I am attaining more things?”  It will be an opportunity to begin a spiritual journey inwards and to ask new questions such as “How can I empty myself – my ideas, thoughts, and emotions so I can see the whole truth?”

On the other hand, if someone has wronged you in the past, you may be holding onto the hurt they have inflicted on you. Maybe that person is no longer in your life, and yet you feel like the person is next to you and hurting you now because the wound is still so fresh. Staying in those thoughts and feelings, you will forever feel as if the person is hurting you and you will continue to suffer. One must find ways to shift the stories he tells himself.

This is why letting go is important.

Focus on the Present Moment

What you can do is focus on what you can do right now at this moment. Only then will you have the possibility to let go.

Remember that everything is already working harmoniously for you. Your body, emotions, thoughts, and even your habits, everything is moving together for the good.

It is important for one to know the difference between attachment love and true love. With attachment love, one cannot let go of emotions or hurtful memories because they are attached to their stories and the pain of it.

Letting Go of Attachement

Attachment comes from your ego self, not your true essence. It makes your energy shrink and limited. In this case, you are attached to someone and you may always feel the need to control every single thing.

On the other hand, true love is allowing another person to express himself or herself and let him/her be free. You do not feel the need to control their actions and require them to give to you the way you exactly want them to because you are already overflowing with energy. True love nurtures expansion.

Attachment means you always acquire more things and hold onto them because to share them with others means you will have less or you are less worthy.  Attachment focuses on what it does not have. It tries to have other people fill its emptiness. Those who are only attached to someone become dependent on their circumstances and what other individuals can give them. If you are attached to someone in this way you can create an imbalance in your life and the world around you.

True love is free-flowing and you want to share and give because it is coming from the mindset that you are enough. It is abundant consciousness. True love, when shared, becomes bigger energy. It expands and flows out of you; it also comes back to you.

Guided Meditation by Ilchibuko


When you let go, it creates a space; with that space, there is some gratitude. You can now say, “I am grateful that I have this opportunity to allow myself to release and let go. There’s an opportunity for me to shift and change and expand myself. I’m grateful for this experience. I let you go now. Thank you.”

You finally created this space inside of your brain and your heart, for some energy, brilliant energy to come in and flow.


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