How To Free Your Mind From Things That Are Limiting You

July is the month of freedom, and it represents not only Independence Day but also focusing on yourself and experiencing emotional freedom. Perhaps, you’re currently experiencing what I call the Post-COVID Syndrome, where you want to be free from being at home and go hiking, attend a workshop, party, meet new people, or do something you’ve been postponing because of the pandemic.

Freedom can also mean coming to a certain age and wanting to do something you’ve never done before. For example, I still remember when I left home and feeling free for the first time in my life. 

But the freedom that I want to discuss in this blog is related to freeing your mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean being completely detached from your life, but it’s about freeing your mind from things that you’re holding onto. 

I say this all the time: Even if you are in heaven, but if your mind is in hell, you’re still in hell. And if you are in hell, but your mind is in heaven, then you are in heaven. 

You can be in the most incredible place where you can be free, but if you choose to hold onto the past, then you’re not free. Depending on the information you have inside of you, you can feel either completely happy or unhappy. 

What I Learned From Visiting Fiji 

I want to share the time I traveled to Fiji. As soon as I landed on the island in a tiny boat, many Fijians welcomed my team happily. I noticed that their lifestyle is simple, and how they live their life, they don’t have much. They have minimal things to make do with, but they are some of the happiest people I’ve ever encountered in my life. 

And then, when I came back to the United States, I realized how we have many things that offer us convenience. We can do countless things with all the inventions available to us. We have many places to go, things to do, access to the internet, plus nowadays we can even listen to as many books online as we want, and more. 

Compared to Fijians who don’t have access to these things, we seem to be so unhappy. And why is that? It’s because of the things that we keep in our minds. 

I see these kinds of things too, even at work. I sometimes hear something like, “It’s work. I have to do it.” But you have freedom over your employment. You don’t have to stay at a job that is not resonating with you and is not making you happy. Instead, you can find something that makes your heart skip a beat. You can choose a job that engages your heart and love. You don’t need to stay in a place where you are miserable. 

Let’s say in a work setting; two people keep having conflicts. If you look at it from far away, everywhere else in the office is peaceful and calm. But between these two people, there’s energy that keeps poking them and triggers them to fight. They don’t need it to stay in the intense situation, but somehow, energetically, they are sucked into that hurtful situation and are both victims of each other. You may feel like, “Well, I didn’t choose this conflict. I cannot avoid it because he/she is hurting me. ” 

Sometimes, you can get stuck in the story of what happened before, even if the person you’ve had a bad history with is no longer in your life. You may continue thinking about the issue, and feel chained to it. Have you ever experienced something like that? 

It’s completely up to you how you can be aware of where your mind is and how you can break free from it. And depending on your level of awareness, you can step out of your mindset and see what’s truly happening. Then, you can cut yourself from the energetic tie and then turn away from it.

We Live in An Energy-Abundant World 

The good news is that the universe’s energy – the source of all creation – is everywhere. It’s all around you even at this moment. This radiant energy is limitless and completely free. It’s a tool that you can use to change your state of mind and finally be free from what you’re holding onto. Tapping into this all-encompassing source of all creation is key to freeing your mind. 

If you focus, you can receive this energy; you can experience it, receive healing from it, and let your consciousness expand and be finally free from what you’ve been holding onto.

3 Things that Limiting You

There are many different ways to heal your mind and then be released from it. But today, I will share one specific way to help you to free your mind. But before that, here are three things that may be limiting you from moving on with your life. 


These are your likes and dislikes, and they originate from your past. Your preferences depend on what kind of experiences you’ve had. For example, if you went through a painful situation before, you might find yourself not liking certain people and environments that remind you of your pain. 

So, what can you do when you encounter something you don’t like? How can you break away from this pattern of disliking things automatically and unconsciously? 

If you want to break the pattern of consciously disliking someone or something, instead of saying, “I don’t like that,” you can say something opposite. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t like hot yoga,” you can rather say, “I might like hot yoga.” 

When you do that, you give your mind the freedom to be open. Your mind is a great servant, but it needs a master. If you allow yourself to think differently, then you give things you usually don’t like a chance. 


We all have stories we keep repeating to ourselves. Depending on your level of awareness, you can manage the stories you keep convincing yourself to be true.

For instance, the person you had a nasty fight with may no longer be in your life, but you keep replaying that incident from the past. This individual may be from your childhood or adult life, but you still haven’t moved on from the ordeal. And after all this time, you may still be carrying the pain they brought you. This is the story that you keep inside of your mind. 

And whenever you face a relatively similar situation, your heart or mind automatically shuts it off. You don’t engage with that energy. After all, shutting off has helped you survive. This may have helped you stay safe from being hurt, but the more you dismiss it, the more hurt you’ll become. The potential that whatever is in front of you is offering, you cannot receive it. 

You can feel yourself resist liking something or someone, but allow yourself to be open. If you refuse to open up, you are cutting yourself from this immense source of energy. 


Have you ever been in a heated meeting where you’re debating with someone, and then when everyone agreed that you are right, you felt good about yourself? 

You may be correct, but have you considered that your opinion may not be the only truth? And that maybe other people’s opinions could also be valid? This mentality of believing that only your ideas are correct creates suffering inside you and all around you. 

With this mentality, you may think, “Why aren’t people listening to me? Why can’t they understand me? Why can’t they feel the pain that I’m holding? This person is wrong!” Our judgments can lead to becoming a victim or creating an enemy.

It may be a good idea to approach life this way: My opinion and others’ point of view could both be right. This way, you can cultivate a more open mind and develop a better relationship with other people around you. 

Free Yourself from Limitations

Reflection Time

First, ask yourself, “What’s something that I cannot move forward from? What’s something that I cannot break through from? What voices do I keep listening to?” Your answer might be, “I feel I am not good enough. Since my childhood, I felt my brother was much smarter than me.”

Second, you can detach yourself from these ideas. Instead of saying, “I’m not good enough,” you can separate yourself from your old narrative by saying, “I have an assumption that I’m not good enough. When you phrase it this way, this happens in your mind: The brain releases you from believing that you are insufficient and processes the old statement as an idea. 

This is an essential step because it allows you to free yourself from believing that you are not good enough. If you live this way, you can consider that as a piece of information instead of being it – this is the power of detachment. As you train your mind to question and challenge your former ideas about yourself, you can move on to being in the present moment and finally feel the universe’s loving energy. 

Practice Connection to the Cosmic Energy

The Tao study is all about practicing your body-mind connection. We don’t only teach thinking because that’s only at the thought level. It’s not yours yet; only an idea. You can understand the concept of connecting to your body, like when you read an instructional book on playing tennis, but it’s a whole different story when you’re at the tennis field and start playing.

So, how can you practice body-mind connection? Enter the energy world. We do this by sensing the energy in your hands. When you’re feeling the energy, you become beyond your thoughts and emotions. You’ll be able to observe your feelings and thoughts and even embrace them, helping you love and accept yourself fully.

The next step is inviting Cosmic Energy. We live in this abundant energy world. If you allow and accept the Universal Energy to flow through you and envision what you want to become,  your idea will come to life. You can finally free yourself.

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