Nature Meditation

When you are overwhelmed by waves of emotions and thoughts, or you’re dealing with a challenging time, come to nature. Nature will help you release these unwanted sensations. While you are feeling the wind, feeling the grass on your feet, and smelling the fresh scent of the flowers, remember that you are one with Her. You always have been and always will be.

Through becoming One with Her, we can feel connectedness with ourselves. To experience our connection with nature, I invite you to take a meditation journey that will allow you to get to know yourself better, and your relationship with other people and Mother Earth.

Morning Meditation With Nature

The easiest way to access the connection to nature is through our hands. In this meditation, we will feel the energy of a tree through our hands.

First, take a moment to empty your mind in front of the tree by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Find the place inside of your mind that is in peace. Then, open your eyes and gaze at the tree. As you do this, you will not only feel the tree’s presence, but you will also feel its age, among other information.

Then, place your hands in front of you, your palms facing the tree. Without touching the tree, slowly push your hands forward and move them back to you. Do this back and forth movement while coordinating your breathing with it. Inhale when you are receiving energy from the tree and exhale when you are sharing your energy.

As you do this energy meditation, you will feel as if you are inseparable from the tree and nature. You will also feel enormous energy that will make you grateful.

Communicate what you are grateful for to the tree: “Thank you for being here for so many years and watching over us. I am grateful to be connected to nature.”

Finally, hug the tree and feel its energy. Gently place your forehead on its bark to receive its message for you. You will feel as if the tree is embracing you and sharing its energy with you.

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