How to Overcome Anxiety

I encounter many people who deal with anxiety. So, in this blog, I will discuss the definition of anxiety, its root causes, and tips on how to overcome it. I will also share a short self-observation and mindfulness meditation that I know will be helpful to many of you. So if you want to learn more about this topic, then read on.

Defining Anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling of incompleteness. Anxious people fear what is about to come. Because dread and worry control them, anxious people encounter terrible emotions. So, for instance, whenever they face an enormous crowd or an audience, their hands become sweaty, their stomachs turn inside out, and then they suddenly feel as if they are not enough.

In essence, anxiety is the impression that one is separated from the universe. It is the misunderstanding of one’s identity on the grand scale of things. People with anxiety think they are separated from the whole.

Getting To The Root of Anxiety

Anxiety–where does it come from? The fear of the future is always with us. Most likely, fear of the future happened while you were growing up.

Your parents had a lot of expectations for you, so you had to fulfill their expectations. In other words, what is good and bad had already been set in stone for you.

When things are bad, you get punished. So naturally, you hide what your parents think is bad, and even try to suppress it. Sometimes, what they think is bad is not even bad at all. But you hide it anyway because this doesn’t live up to their expectations of you.

You are anxious about a lot of things today because you had to hide who you truly wanted to be and what made you happy.

Apart from your family’s standards, you also had to abide by society’s standards. In my case, I went to an Asian school. Before entering high school, I had to take an entrance exam. Then, I had to finish high school and take a college entrance exam.

Society dictated that I had to go to a prestigious university, graduate top of my class, and land a high-paying job. Society’s expectations are always there no matter what country you are from.

These are just some examples of why you might experience anxiety in the present.

The antidote to anxiety is love. The opposite of love is not hate; it is fear and anxiety. 

To help you cope with anxiety, I recommend doing these things:

  • Be In Touch With Love: Anxiousness comes from that subconscious level. It’s brought up by the standards that were established by your experiences, parents, or society. To overcome this extreme feeling of being worried, think of your loving self. I believe that humans are the embodiment of love. No matter what state of consciousness you are in, you are meant to be in touch with that self and later on, to realize the true essence of your nature. 
  • Connect to the Energy of the Universe: You can also connect to the laws of the universe because doing so will help you connect with this all-embracing love. Once you feel that all-encompassing love, you will shift your anxiety to a feeling of being okay. You will feel accepted, safe, and protected. And this will naturally bring down your anxiety level. 
  • Pay Attention To Your Emotions and Thoughts: Be aware of your emotions and thoughts. Make the conscious effort to stop living inside a fixed box, filled with your “patterned” concepts of people and things. 

Practicing Self-Observation & Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindfulness Meditation is what we practice at Sedona Mago. This meditation is crucial to self-help. To do this meditation, sit in a quiet place. Then, close your eyes, and straighten your spine. As your eyes are closed, bring your attention inward and open your internal eyes to observe yourself. Then, scan your body.

Perhaps you will feel fear of the unknown. Scan that feeling and recognize it’s there. Without running away from those feelings, continue to feel. If you used to say, “I am anxious,” I want you to change that statement to, “I have anxiety.” Now you are only observing your anxiousness.

Then, make a gentle smile as you open yourself up to your energy within. Be aware of your vibration. Allow yourself to move according to that energy. Let the energy flow. Once you shift into your energy existence, you will connect to that embracing love of the cosmos. Connect to your seven chakras.

Allow the flow of energy to come into the top of your head and then move through your body. Bring your hands around your heart while feeling the vibration or energy that is flowing through you.

Then, tell yourself, “I am free. I am whole. I am oneness. I’m connected. I am love.” Lastly, say thank you. Feel that gratitude in your heart.

State, “Thank you for this opportunity to connect. Thank you for this opportunity to heal me. Thank you for this opportunity to feel this grand energy of love. Thank you. I love myself.”


If you are still experiencing anxiety after this meditation, I recommend that you watching the following Labarynth Meditation:

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