Ask Ilchibuko: Feelings of Incompetence After Job Loss

Someone asked me this question: “How can I deal with the feeling of incompetence after losing My job?”

We are critical beings when it comes to ourselves. We usually take things very hard. Even when you are in a conversation with someone, if you hear a negative comment among 10 great things about yourself, you will probably focus on that one thing that is negative, and spend all day trying to analyze it. Then, when something really negative happens, such as losing a job, it feels like a death sentence. You could feel like you are unqualified and have no value, going through all the past events at your job and trying to think of what you could have possibly done wrong.

There can be many reasons why you are no longer at your job now, but let’s think about this for a moment; is it really a bad thing? Does it really mean you are incompetent?

Condition Of Your Mind

It’s all about the way you condition your mind, shifting from being a victim of the situation to being the master and creator of your life.

So, from thinking, “I lost my job, I feel incompetent”, how about thinking this way: Step out of the problem and look at it from a distance. Then think, what will I be doing 10 to 20 years from now? Would I still tell myself I’m incompetent, or would I say something different?

Losing a job only means you’re supposed to move on. You no longer need to be attached to stay in the same place. You have already been moved out of that place. It means you’re about to find and create new things.

Instead of saying “ I lost my job,” how about saying “I let go of my job” so you can be in charge of your life and focus on new creations.

Before, you had only one door to come in and out of. But after letting go of your job, you have many doors, absolutely more than one door to choose from now. When you stop looking at that one door that was your job, you will find opportunities you would not have found otherwise and you will realize you can do anything you want. You can say “I have many opportunities right in front of me, so what’s my next step?”

If we are truly desperate, we will find something. Open up your eyes wide to see all of your possibilities and potentials.

This is the Law of the Universe. When you have the eagerness and sincere passion to accomplish something, energy will begin to move for you. If you express your heart, the world will work to find a way for you.

Do something you love and be joyful. Please don’t choose a job just because it pays well. Here is an opportunity for you to choose the work you love and serve the purpose of your life.

Do something that you’re truly passionate about. This is how you can bring out the best in yourself, even when you’re in a difficult situation.

Please do not let your past define you. You have this moment, now. Based on what you choose now, you will change your destiny.



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