Finding Happiness: The Greatest Treasures in Life

What does finding happiness mean? Landing a good job, earning a lot of money, and being successful are examples of social standards. Society tells us that the only way to obtain happiness is to achieve more in this materialistic world.

So if someone is not earning a lot of money, we feel bad for them and assume they are not happy. But the thing is, no matter how much money we make, how many times we get promoted, and no matter what type of job we have, if our hearts are not in it, we will be miserable.  Or to put it more precisely, if you are not awakened to who you truly are, no matter what you do, you will not be happy with your life. Finding that happiness will be elusive.

Whether we have a million-dollar job or have an executive position, it doesn’t matter. What we can put our entire focus on are the things that are important to us: To become joyful and happy. 

Finding Real Happiness

Let me tell you something about myself. I never thought about what makes me truly happy. I was following all the social standards, what other people think is good. I was following my emotions and what I like. But I would get depressed and think, “Is this all there is in life?”  I had a wonderful partner, and I had everything I needed to be happy. But I wasn’t happy. I would feel so empty and depressed, sometimes I felt as if I had a hole in my heart.  I thought if I told other people about this, they would be surprised and think I was being ungrateful.  Why is finding happiness so hard?

But with those struggles, I found what would make me truly joyful and happy. Through SunTao Ancient Mindfulness Practice and Meditation at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, I got in touch with this place inside of me. In that moment of the connection, tears came and came and didn’t stop. At that moment, I couldn’t explain what was happening. I was in tears not because I was sad, but because for the first time, I felt myself. I felt I was home to myself. At the same moment, I realized “This is what I’ve been looking for all my life.” 

It did not come from knowledge, but it was the sense of “knowing” without learning. 

Finding Happiness Within

I’ve been searching for the true me all my life. I had everything, but none of that brought happiness to me, without knowing myself. When I met myself, that’s when I realized that this is what I was looking for. And from that point on, my life completely changed.  I grew from needing validation from others to become the true expression of myself.

What I do for my job, guiding others to get in touch with who they truly are, is my greatest joy and treasure in life. It is the best way for me to express who I truly am because I can share the spirit of the true me that has awakened within me.  Awakening the truest nature within is essential for every single human being. 

So it became my Life Purpose – to share true happiness with others.

Ever since then,  I have been guiding people on how to get in touch with that place inside of themselves through mindfulness lectures, workshops, and ceremonies

Stop Finding Happiness in Others

Life is not really about gaining status or getting validation from others. Finding happiness in life doesn’t come from those temporary values, but finding the absolute values (True Self) existing within and live for the purpose of your life. ⁠

During the last moment of your life, before you die, you won’t be thinking about luxury, prestige, and your desires. You will be thinking about how you wished you shared your light with other people. ⁠

Come home to yourself and live to express who you truly are. Only then will you realize what the true essence of finding happiness is.⁠

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