The Best Way to Create A Healthy Relationship With Others

Today, I want to discuss relationships regarding our loved ones.

No matter how much you love someone, as you spend more time together, you may encounter struggles in your relationships. These struggles may cause hurt and emotional pain, especially when it involves a family member or those who hold your heart significantly.

When you feel like blaming others for what’s happened to you, you become a victim of circumstance. You may think that the other person should be the one to change. The truth is, YOU are the one who holds the key to change your reaction to the situation. You can make a positive impact by accepting responsibility.

How can we be more mindful of transitioning our relationships and past feelings for a more successful outcome?  

The best way to create a healthy relationship with others is to connect with yourself and transform the relationship with yourself.  

Here are three things that I’d suggest to transform your relationships:

  1. Connect with yourself and find your true nature within – the essence of love and respect towards yourself.
  2. Observe and feel the emotions without escaping them and have a mindful healing process of forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go.
  3. Now, with a bright consciousness, look at the situation, yourself, and the other person.

As you repeat this healing process, you’ll realize that you love/respect that person as he/she is, and your relationship will shift.

You have much greater love than the emotional love that we often experience. It is this divine, unwavering love that embraces you and others despite all circumstances and regardless of any emotional conditions. It comes from the highest state of consciousness that is embedded deeply within all of us.

If you are searching for further guidance, I would like to recommend you and/or your partner to attend the Transform Your Relationships retreat. During this retreat, you will uncover what is possible for the evolution of your relationships – starting with yourself and ending with those that matter to you most.

Blessings to everyone and allow me to share this message that may help you learn to let go:

May your spiritual eye open wide and see new possibilities within you and around you. May your divine nature speak and shower people with love.


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