Ask Ilchibuko: How Can I Feel Passion for Life?

Someone asked me this question: “I used to be active in church, but now every time I pray, I don’t feel anything. I fall asleep there. I even used to love dancing, but now I don’t feel passionate about it. I don’t feel hope for my life. Do you have any suggestions?“

Are You Feeling No Passion In Your Life?

If you are feeling no passion in your life no matter what you do, this blog might be for you.

If you are feeling no passion and no hope for your life, that is not necessarily a bad thing. You may be feeling bad and don’t have the motivation to do anything because inside you believe that the self who has no hope and no passion is who you really are. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I would like to use an example from the weather to explain what is happening. You are just looking at the dark cloud over the Sun and forgot that the Sun is there. And you are thinking that it (the dark cloud) is who you are. You just need to remember that the Sun is shining even in the midst of a thunderstorm or a typhoon.

According to the natural law of energy, your intention or your mind is what moves “energy.” If you believe that dark cloud is you, you will be stuck inside that darkness.

Although it does not feel good to feel bad, please consider this: your challenge and difficult feelings led you to seek an answer. I want to say that “pain is a guide like the side mirrors of a car,” it shows you what you need to pay attention to and gives you a clue as to what you need to do.

You also mentioned every time you pray, you cannot feel anything. This could mean that what you are doing is not supporting the authentic you. You are doing it without your mind and heart connecting to it.

We are all guilty of repeating and doing things just because we always have done things a certain way, or following the same pattern of doing things without asking why it is important to keep doing those things.

When your mind and heart are not in alignment with what you are doing, it is like you are making a knife blade dull instead of making it sharp because you are not using that knife for its intended purpose.

The way to extinguish passion and motivation for yourself is to keep doing those things that are not in alignment with your heart and mind. 

Your condition is a great indicator that dust has settled over your heart and mind. When the dust settles over what is precious, we don’t call that bad, it’s just an indication that we need to do some clearing. It is the very reason that we are all here on this planet Earth: to find the sunshine within ourselves by clearing ourselves. I feel that you are meeting this challenge now because you are supposed to expand your consciousness and grow your soul.

Here are my suggestions for what you can do practically.

Recover Your First Mind through Self Reflection

It is time now to ask yourself: What do I really want? Why did I want to pray at church in the first place? You can recover your first mind as to why you began to go there. Then you can find that deep, sincere heart of yours and remember why it was important for you to go to church and pray.

If you fall asleep in church and have lost interest in it, then try another way to do your self-reflection. The important thing is to be able to observe yourself and find out why you are doing the things you are doing.

Connect to Your Mind and Heart through Awakening Your Senses

Awaken your senses by doing very simple things like feeling your breath and experiencing this moment through your 5 senses. I also recommend body tapping activating the senses of your body, recovering the connections to your mind/heart and your body.


It is an important step because by doing body tapping you can develop the power to observe yourself. With this sensitizing process, you will be able to identify what made your mind/heart and body become separated. 

Recover Your Passion by Letting Go of What You Hold Inside

Lastly, move your body and allow the Life energy to flow through you. For this, I recommend the following two energy meditation videos:



What you’re holding inside will be cleared and resolved so you can recover that self that is passionate and connected to who you really are. I also suggest participating in a retreat called Finding True Self to deepen the connection to your soul and divine nature.

Then, you may find the right reason to go back to church and to dance again because you will have recovered the genuine mind that is the authentic You.

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