What does it mean to co-exist with the Earth?

We cannot exist without the Earth, but Earth can exist without humans. Yet, a lot of the collective’s actions take this fact for granted; and much of our actions show a flippant consideration for the planet on which we live. 

We aren’t the first generations to value individualism and favor extreme levels of growth. This ideology was born out of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment societies that believed that all aspects of our lives should be in support of hyper-efficiency.  They emphasized values on such things as urbanization, technology, and optimizing industries in service to humanity, instead of in service to the Earth.  

That was over 700 years ago but now we have a society that faces new challenges for survival because of climate change, constant health and disease crises, and unclean waters and polluted air. 

That is why today, coexistence with the Earth is so important because, in order for us to create harmony and balance with the Earth, where we can survive and thrive with it,  we must have consciousness in alignment with the Earth and the laws of nature. 

Coexistence means that our consciousness is a part of and flows naturally with the Earth’s. We recognize that we benefit when the Earth benefits, we hurt when the Earth hurts. Essentially there is no separation between us, and the Earth. 

What do we need to consider when co-existing with the Earth?

We must start by considering our own consciousness first. We must raise our consciousness to be harmonious and balanced, and understand that we all have a soulful purpose on this Earth.

Right now, we tend to be blinded by our personal preferences, our viewpoints, and our external identities. We may see that our nationalities, our jobs, and our races are more important than our connection with the Earth. This leads us to value individual, or egotistical pursuits, instead of valuing our role in the bigger picture of the Universe. 

We all have a responsibility to be kind and respectful to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. The disconnect is not in that we don’t already know that coexistence with the Earth is indeed valuable; it is that our collective actions do not reflect as much.

Given as much, we need to start considering a shift in our consciousness from one of separatism to one of collectivism and co-existence with the Earth. In order for us to create harmony and balance with the Earth, we need to see ourselves as a part of it. Whatever happens to it, happens to us. This is a necessary shift that can make the difference between us knowing that we have a connection with the Earth, and us experiencing that connection with the Earth within ourselves. 

What actions can we take to develop coexistence with the Earth? 

Once we start to understand that our energy is not separate from the Earth’s energy; we can first begin to work on an energy practice that supports this awakening. 

This energy practice is a daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, feeling our own energy, and sending energy out into the world. We can start by tapping into our own energies and feeling what that feels like. Then we can consider what it feels like to feel peace, harmony, and balance; then send that energy intentionally out to the rest of the world. 

Feeling our energies can be as simple as considering our actions and intentions for the day and shifting our intentions to be less individually conscious, and more Earth-conscious. Then, we can focus on how our bodies are feeling when we make these shifts and when we affirm every day that we will mindfully live to support coexistence. 

We can imagine Earth and think about sending energy to it every day, as well. We can make better choices to save the planet, such as reusing, recycling, reducing, refusing harmful substances for the Earth, and composting. We won’t have to think about it or go out of our way. We will naturally want to shift our behaviors to be more supportive of the Earth’s existence because our consciousness has been raised to consider that existence as a part of our own.  

We will want to release energy that is harmful to ourselves and the Earth every day because we will not want to create even more harm. We can awaken to more ways to produce joy, happiness, and abundance for the Earth, rather than destruction. 

Ultimately, we have to work together to raise our individual consciousness so that the collective consciousness coexists with Earth’s consciousness. Though corporations have been big proponents of the destruction of the Earth, especially in the last 36 years; if more of the collective became aware and aligned with Earth consciousness, these corporations could not operate in the ways they do. 

It is time for the collective to awaken themselves and take action to coexist and create a peaceful planet. By sharing this mindset with others, and working together to come up with solutions to co-exist peacefully, we can get more people to assist in the recovery of the planet. 

What does the future hold if we do not learn to co-exist?

We already have rising sea levels that could impact one billion people by 2050. The Arctic is losing ice, which is already affecting the habitat there. We are constantly impacted by natural disasters, which will only get worse with time. We are also experiencing overwhelmingly hot heat waves. And, not raising our vibration now, is also affecting other lifeforms on our planet. 

We can no longer afford to separate ourselves from Earth’s consciousness. We are not under the looming threat of our consequences, we are already living with them. Our future depends on making differences in our daily lives to act with the intention that Earth is a part of us; and as such, we must respect it. 

We can make a difference in our own daily lives, and the daily lives of everyone on this planet. By honoring coexistence, we can live a more Earth-centered life, and not only change our own destiny, but the destiny of future generations to remain Earth conscious too. 

In the spirit of coexistence, Friday, October 21st, and Saturday, October 22nd at 8 pm PT (11 pm ET) I will be sharing a prayer for peace, in the world. Please join me either in person or online, and invite your friends and loved ones to join me for one minute of silence and pray for peaceful, harmonious, and loving coexistence during our World Peace Ceremony event.

Don’t forget, peace can only channel throughout the world when you start to raise your consciousness within yourself first. Tap into your own inner divine light to share peace throughout the world. For more information check out my upcoming Awaken Divine Light online course.

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