4 Tips on Creating an Earth Centered Conscious Community

Once you start accessing higher levels of consciousness you start understanding that we are all one. We are all connected and therefore we must work together to raise the collective consciousness of the Earth. 

This is the first step to building a conscious community; knowing that you already exist in one: Earth’s community. 

Naturally, however, we are all human and therefore relational beings. It’s understandable that once you do start building higher levels of consciousness, you would want to work with others to spread love, respect, and peace throughout the Earth. You may realize that you have a higher purpose and want to meet people who share that same purpose:  to evolve all of humanity’s consciousness to Earth’s consciousness. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world with country borders, language barriers, and hierarchies based on mostly arbitrary classifications. It can be difficult to find community in a highly and often purposefully separate world. 

Yet, there is much hope. We may not have control over these “differences” but we can always work to continue to come home to ourselves; maintain our oneness to nature, and to all that is. Once we remind ourselves of our true nature, we are reminded that we all come from the same source of energy. Therefore, we can move past these “separations” and limitations, and work towards a better Earth, together. 

1. Remind yourself that our center of value is the same

We cannot control the separation that we may be feeling or facing due to the nature of our modern world. But we can still connect with those who share our same desires to be Earth Citizen consciousness beings. 

You must remind yourself, that no matter whether the person you are trying to connect to is from a different country, or philosophy, has a different language, and/or belief system; we all have one thing in common. We all have Earth as our center of value. 

Once you can connect to the fact that the person(s) you want to connect with wishes to create a peaceful planet and support others to awaken to Earth’s consciousness, it doesn’t matter the differences between you. You can accept everyone into your conscious community. 

2. Prioritize inclusivity in your conscious community 

Even with higher levels of consciousness, we all may have different belief systems, philosophies, and spiritual or religious practices. We may have different identities: nationalities, races, genders, socioeconomic levels, etc. None of that matters when we are attempting to create a conscious community. Our differences actually create a unique experience and opportunity for the community. 

When we create solutions to raise the vibration of the Earth, we can do so utilizing all different perspectives. This helps us support even more people across Earth, considering how our actions affect everyone. And, an inclusive community can increase your awareness towards even more empathy, compassion, and understanding for people with whom you may not usually interact.

Also,  prioritizing inclusivity helps you to understand what the truth really is and what truly matters. We, as a collective, are all trying to arrive at the same place, i.e. peace on Earth.  We all share this same collective goal. When you start living beyond yourself, the identities that drive your ego, and shift your focus to that fact, it really wouldn’t matter what anyone looks like or believes; we are all one. 

3. Find a place where you can continue to raise your own individual consciousness

Finding community shouldn’t just be about connecting to others but finding people who inspire and empower you to formulate a deeper connection with your own divine nature. When you surround yourself with a community filled with love and peace, it can expand your own energy towards those frequencies. It can inspire and motivate you to be a greater version of yourself. 

When you search for a conscious community, find a group that inspires you to share belief systems, practices, and/or philosophies that can raise your own conscious awareness. For example, your community could share energy practices that can help you move stagnant energy and elevate your own vibration. That way, your community encourages everyone to continue bringing the best versions of themselves to meet each other, in order to protect and respect Earth. 

4. Don’t chase, just attract

Once you start building a deeper awareness of yourself and aligning your purpose towards peace and love, you will naturally attract a community that is in alignment with you too. It is with anything, you do not need to chase after your desires, you simply need to be in the same vibration as them, and they will come to you. 

Simply by your willingness to create a more peaceful world, you will find others who have that same willingness too. Plus, when you are being your most aligned self, your divine nature, you have a strong sense of self. Your intentions, energy, and mindset are most aligned as well. This means you are living in a high frequency, making you a natural magnet to receive your desired goal, in this case, community. 

When you are chasing after a conscious community, it puts you in a lower frequency. You tend not to be aligned with your true self because you are in a lack state. You tend to seek validation and approval from others rather than being true to yourself. As such, you will likely attract people who share a similar frequency. 

My work at Sedona Mago includes creating a conscious community all over the world in the hopes that 100 million Earth-conscious citizens join together to elevate the vibration of the planet. We are dedicated to protecting Mother Earth and being one with Nature. If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of the movement, contact me.

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