5 Things to Consider to Find Hope in Uncertain Times

In the hope of finding peace, love, and harmony in unprecedented uncertain times, there are a few things that I would like to suggest.

  1. Get to Know Ourselves Better

Let’s not be persuaded by circumstances or phenomena because this can cause us to be reactive with strong emotions because of the pain we are feeling and because we are trying to deal with what is happening around us. In order to utilize the infinite power existing within us and to empower ourselves and others, I recommend that we get to know ourselves better on a deeper level.  This is a lifelong study, but you can start with Self Reflection Meditation.

If you are interested, I recommend listening to my Facebook Live about “Keeping the Main Thing, The Main Thing” and Self Reflection Meditation. By knowing ourselves better, we can find ways to view the world differently and use every ounce of our energy towards helping ourselves and other people to recover their true essence, which will lead to truly lasting peace and a harmonious world.


  1. Discover Our True Value Within

If we don’t know our true value, we can easily get impacted by our circumstances and situations. If we know our true value, we will have a sense of wholeness inside and we will be able to feel hope. The changes we insist on in others without changing ourselves is nothing more than an empty gesture. I recommend doing True Self Meditation to get to know your true value. I invite you to check out my Facebook Live videos on the Self Love & Meditation Series on my Facebook page: True Self Meditation

  1. Know the State of Your Consciousness

You may not know it, but you take action according to your consciousness level. There are certain emotions associated with each state of consciousness. When you feel your emotions coming up, you can check what emotions you are experiencing against those listed on the Map of Consciousness chart. (See Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness Chart from Power vs Force.) This will give you some insight as to where you are functioning on the consciousness scale. In this way, you will discover if you are acting from a  higher state of consciousness or a lower state of consciousness.  I will talk later about how we can manage our emotions. 

Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness
  1. Become an Observer

“Your pain is not you, but yours.” Although you may be experiencing turmoil, stress, or deep pain, instead of ignoring, escaping from, or suppressing that emotion, you can learn how to allow yourself to feel, face, and heal it.  That becomes possible through the work of being a conscious observer. 

  1. Communicate and Connect

As human beings, we look for some kind of connection with another. So take an opportunity to communicate and connect with people.  Social distancing has made it more difficult to connect with others in the usual way, however, you can take time to do “eye watching meditation,” look into another’s eyes and share the love inside of you with that person. 


Meditation with Ilchibuko


In every situation, there are meditations to help ourselves. I hope you enjoyed doing the above-recommended meditations.

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