Higher Levels of Consciousness

Higher Levels of Consciousness And Its Greatest Impact On The Collective

Collective consciousness is the idea that individuals share an increased subjective sense of interconnectedness. Our mind creates everything and it has enormous power. When we individually start to direct our conscious minds towards raising our awareness of the “we” instead of the “me”, we realize we can make a positive impact that ripples onto society as a whole. 

What is consciousness?   

Consciousness is each person’s sense of awareness of themselves and their surroundings. It is essentially a choice in how we wish to live. We each have different levels of consciousness based on our experiences and how we choose to interpret them. Dr. David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, refers to the consciousness scale. Each one of us is somewhere on the scale from shame to enlightenment. 

Based on the choices we make, we can choose to reside at the lower end or upper end of the scale of consciousness. For example, if we choose to take on a “victim” mindset, where we blame others for our problems, we can reside in shame, guilt, apathy, or even anger. Unlike, if we choose to look at our experiences, whether good or bad, as tools and lessons to boost our confidence level, using them to guide us towards our true selves, we can radiate love, joy, peace, and harmony into our lives and to the world. 

Effects of lower levels of consciousness vs. higher levels of consciousness 

Lower levels of consciousness create a sense of separatism because we see everyone as either against us, divided, or different from us. We can get caught up in the need to chase external outcomes or seek validation from others, attached to things that frankly do not represent our true selves. It leaves us extremely individualistic and fixated on the physical world. 

Individualism confines us to valuing external things such as: our family structure, religion, culture, race, gender, and/or jobs or socioeconomic levels. These are temporary values that can change in an instant or values that don’t really hold meaning unless someone outside ourselves says they do. This means we are constantly at the mercy of the external. This separatism can lend itself to higher levels of sadness and distrust that the person is supported by their environment. 

Those who have or seek higher levels of consciousness tend to see their value in their existence and connection to nature. They tend to accept, love, and seek harmony and balance within themselves. They tend to take responsibility for their actions, emotions, and thoughts, and consider the consequences of them. They tend to want to and do create better connections with themselves which permeate through the rest of society. They are at a place where they know that by looking inward,  “the world cannot change by just what they say or do, but what they become.”

Shifting from lower to higher levels of consciousness

According to Dr. Hawkins, we become enlightened, or reach higher states of enlightenment, when we progress towards love and integrity. Love is an energy that already exists inside all of us. It is referred to in our practice as true self-love and it is the type of love that is unconditional and is not fleeting. 

Think about it this way, “no one is born hating another person….people must learn to hate.” (Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom).  When we are born we are not born out of hatred or separatism;  but we are born out of love, completely unaware of external values. We are merely here to exist and taught to value the external later on. 

When we are shifting from lower levels of consciousness to higher, we are unlearning what we were taught about the external and learning to come back home to ourselves. We are learning to love our divine nature, which is in harmony and balance with nature. Only then, can we create more balance in the future of our society as a whole.

Higher levels of consciousness and the power of the collective

Higher levels of consciousness are a responsibility of all of us to manage for the good of all. Individuals with higher levels of consciousness, or a sense of meaning and purpose to move beyond the external, tend to experience more positivity in their lives which allows them to embrace others. It essentially increases the vibration and frequency of the Earth and increases our collective positive impact. 

They tend to make more positive choices for themselves and increase their physical power, able to tackle disease more effectively. Also, a person who has a higher consciousness level can actually counterbalance collective negativity in mankind, offsetting negative choices in others. 

Moving forward, it is important for each of us to shift our state of consciousness closer to enlightenment and consider how that may impact the collective consciousness. If each one of us considers raising our consciousness, which would therefore increase our sense of interconnectedness, our world would likely offset war, prejudice, divisiveness, and separation. The world would vibrate with more love and unity bringing us closer together as one.

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