Find Your Answers Within

Do you want to know how to heal yourself? 

You may respond by saying “yes” but “where do I start, what can I do?” These questions may come up and you may think about asking those questions to a specialist or the internet. While the experts and the internet can help you, there are things that you can do yourself, right now. 

Go out into Nature and watch and learn from her.

See what Nature does. Observe how birds migrate every year without any map in the sky; how bees and ants know where to go to and come back to. Nature doesn’t hand out any written instructions. The trees don’t complain where the seeds land.

If you are really observant, you will find your answers in Nature’s wisdom. And… Remember that Nature includes “YOU”. So set aside your “busyness” and the automatic pattern of your daily life. 

Take a moment to experience and truly “see” Nature in yourself. You will discover a healer existing within you. To experience Nature in yourself is to go beyond knowledge. It is a place that you can return to if you empty yourself of all the information you are holding onto.

The experience of Nature comes first, and then the realization that the true information lies within you. That is the wisdom that you can live by. This year, take back your brain and find the healer, the truth, the confidence, and the limitless possibilities within you.


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