Ask Ilchibuko: How do I know if it is my ego or soul that is dictating my purpose?

Someone asked me this questionHow do I know if it’s my ego or soul that is dictating my purpose? How will I know if my calling comes from the soul’s voice or not?”

Determining What You’re Supposed To Do

I have a short and long answer for you, but I will start with the short answer. Whatever you think is your calling, just try it and observe what you feel after making that choice. It will either give you a sense of fulfillment or not. If it does, then keep doing it. If not, then you can move onto other things.  We are sometimes taking a long time contemplating their purpose. Why not jump into doing something and find out whether it’s for you or not?

Now, this is my long answer: It’s always best to follow what your heart says. It may sound vague, so let me talk about human beings’ steps of growth and how we follow a “path.”

3 Stages of Life

First, you are born, then you go into adolescence where you go to school and learn a lot. Once you graduate from school, you will then step up to the next level of life, which is the success stage. In this step, you will learn how to provide for yourself. You will have to earn money so that you can eat, pay bills, and keep a roof over your head. This is the stage where we are responsible for taking care of ourselves independently from our parents. You have to take action so that you can create success and money.

The third stage is called completion. When you’re at this stage, you feel empty. You cannot find fulfillment, no matter how much you’ve earned and succeeded in life. You are searching for something, and you wish to fill that void.

In this stage of completion, you figure out that what you’re supposed to be doing has to be aligned with your purpose and true value. What you are doing in life should be the expression of who you truly are.

By doing this, you will feel as if you can be who exactly you should be. Your potential will keep you highly motivated, and your awareness will expand. As a result, you will be able to help other people to grow and reach their potential as well.

Your Purpose

In terms of purpose, human beings feel fulfilled or satisfied when they create something that doesn’t only benefit themselves, but also the greater good. There are ways you can help other people: one is by giving food; another way is by giving away money. You can also guide them into becoming self-sufficient. So instead of giving what they are missing, help them in learning how to get what they are missing.  You will feel greatly rewarded when you see them create what they once only received. However, what could be the best for human beings is to help others by guiding them to awaken to their greatest potential and raise their awareness and consciousness. Witnessing the transformation is a gift for the giver. Also when it happens, they can infinitely create beyond what they are taught how to create.

How Will You Know if Your Calling is From the Soul?

The most important thing is you feel a great sense of joy by doing it. Even when things are tough, you can get through it because doing the job feeds your soul, not your preferences or ego.

This is an example of what pursuing a cause greater than yourself means.

Everyone has a gift that’s unique to them. For example, some are talented in photography, and others are gifted in speaking. They tell their inspiring stories through their art, and they encourage those who hear them to take action.

If you have a genuine mind and you want to share your life to impact other people, you can inspire others. You can inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. So whatever you choose to do, if you have a pure heart to share with others, you will feel fulfilled. If you know that what you’re doing is serving the greater good, then you’re living your purpose.

I want to share with you how I found my purpose. Before learning what I needed to do, I had to experience being lost first. No matter what I did, I felt empty. I even had a job at a biotech firm that produces drugs for producing white blood cells. That product helped people. However, I didn’t feel alive because I felt I was not inspiring others to live their potentials. My soul did not feel fulfilled.

Finding your life purpose is a continuous search to get to know yourself better through overcoming challenges. This is why I suggest trying what you think is your purpose. Your internal gauge (your Soul) will tell you whether that is the right thing for you or not. You may have an awesome job, but if it’s not helping you grow your Soul, then it won’t work. So, I recommend cleaning.

What Cleaning Means

Cleaning yourself is understanding whether you’re acting according to your ego or soul. If your choices are ruled by your ego, then you will feel empty no matter how much you’ve accomplished. If you control people to fulfill your needs, and you’re restraining others from growing, then you know you’re acting based on your limited self.

But, if you’re allowing others to be free and letting them create limitlessly, then you’re acting from your soul. You are expressing unconditional love, which doesn’t expect anything in return. It’s the type of love that doesn’t calculate whether it will receive back the love that was given away.

Pressing On

When you choose the path of the soul’s growth and decide you want to live for your clear purpose, you will need a certain level of commitment to guide yourself. In your journey, you will face challenges and difficulties, but you will carry on courageously. Will you grow if things are easy? No. That is why you don’t give up on what you choose. Be what you are and do what you are supposed to be doing.

If you don’t give up because of the challenges, that’s when you’ll see your growth. And, that’s when you will feel a sense of fulfillment. With that in your heart and mind, you can choose what is right for you right now. Then, you’ll figure out your purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing that you wish to find your purpose. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for in life.



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