I'm Ilchibuko

Helping others discover their true value and guiding them to live for their true purpose gives me joy. I dream of the day that every human being awakens to their true selves and divine consciousness, and together we can heal ourselves, loved ones and all humanity and co-create global peace on earth.

There have been many major spiritual awakenings in my life that shifted my thinking and entire consciousness. Each awakening made me realize and accept my life’s mission and purpose. I am sharing a few pivotal ones with you in “My Journey” section because those moments changed the trajectory of my chosen profession and provided me with a greater clarity and understanding about why I live on this Earth.

I look forward to working with you.

LOVE HEALS Practice Guide

The LOVE HEALS Practice Guide is a 21-day roadmap to help you overcome deep pain, trauma, and heartbreak through the power of self-love and energy practices. Together with my mentor and visionary teacher, Ilchi Lee, I’ve crafted this companion to the LOVE HEALS documentary to gently guide you through a three-week journey of self-discovery.

We explore powerful energy principles from the Sun Tao philosophy that help you awaken your innate capacity for self-healing. Through these practices, you’ll connect with your “unbreakable love”—the infinite source of healing within you—and experience the transformative potential of your own energy.




When you awaken to your divine nature within and share it with the world, your True Purpose and the value of your life comes into awareness. Ilchibuko will guide you to love and heal yourself as you awaken to your True Self.

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